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Online consultations - Terms and Conditions

I - Nature of services

  • "Atendimento online" is a psychological guidance service individual, carried out by psychologist Guilherme de Souza Beraldo (CRP 04/43866), in videoconferencing sessions via the internet;

  • Services of this nature are regulated by theResolution 011/2018  do Conselho Federal de Psicologia (CFP);

II - Contracting services

  •  people over 18 years of age or legal guardians of teenagers over 14 years can contract the service, the latter by filling out a Service Authorization;

  • Services can be hiredper sessionor inpackage of 4 (four) sessions. Contracting in a package offers discounts on the unit price of each session. The deadline for carrying out  the latter is up to 60 (sixty) days after payment;

  • Payment must be made before the service(s).  It can be made in the following ways:

    • Credit/debit cards, in link to be sent directly to the customer's email;

    • Bank transfer via PIX to

  • When making the payment, the customer will be agreeing with theTerms and conditionsdescribed on this page.

III - User identification and secrecy

  • As established by the CFP, psychologists must keep records of their consultations. Thus, the client must provide his/her full name, date of birth and the number of a personal document;

  • Confidentiality of customer data  and of what is discussed in the consultations is ensured by article 9 of code of ethics CFP professional. The customer must be aware that the service by electronic means may be subject to vulnerabilities inherent in the technologies used to carry it out. To avoid any problems, it is  always important to use  updated and protected equipment, safeguarding virtual communication.

IV - Provision of services

  • In order to carry out the services, the customer must have the Zoom application installed on their device. Alternatively, the Skype application may  be used;

  • The session will be held on the day(s) and time(s) agreed by email;

  • Consultations last up to 50 minutes from the booked time, which is punctually respected. For example:  if a session was scheduled for 5:00 pm, it will end at 5:50 pm, as extending its duration prevents the professional from being punctual with other clients. For the same reason, minutes lost as a result of delay by the customer  to start the call cannot be added;

  • Responsibility for the quality of communication via the Internet rests with the customer. In case of equipment problemsof the professional,  a new day and time can be scheduled to make up for lost time, at no additional cost;

  • Services  will only be  carried outafterpayment compensation.

V - Changes, absences and cancellations

  • The session can be canceled or rescheduled through dos contactsprofessionals available on the site, as long as the communication takes place with,at least, 24 hours in advance of the agreed time. After this period, session  will be considered held;

  • The psychologist will wait for the client  for up to 20 minutes after the scheduled time. If the Skype call is not initiated within this period, the customer is considered absent and the session will be considered completed;

  • Session cancellationsindividualfor reasons of withdrawal by the client, they may be requested, provided that the period of 24 hours in advance of the session is respected. The amount will be refunded to the customer within 7 days of the request;

  • After the session, there is no possibility of refunding the amount paid;

  • There will be no refunds for sessions contracted as a package and that do not take place due to the expiration of the scheduling period or  due to the client's withdrawal from performing them.

VI - Important recommendations

  • At first, we suggest hiring individual sessions. This is so that you can familiarize yourself with the professional and his way of working. If you choose to continue the sessions, you will be able to benefit from the discounts offered when contracting packages;

  • Try to schedule your appointments for a time when you won't be interrupted. Likewise, try to be in a private place, with good acoustics and well lit, so that the quality of communication is satisfactory;

  • Remember that the sessions are aimed at improving your quality of life, overcoming difficulties and issues that are bothering you. Therefore, try to use your time with the professional in the best possible way. Talk freely about whatever you feel the need for!

See also theCommon questionsabout Online Services.

In case of doubts,get in touch by leaving a message.

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