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Common questions

Is psychological care via the internet a recognized practice?

Yes. This type of service is approved and regulated by the Federal Council of Psychology (Resolution 011/2018).  It was thought of as a way of facilitating psychological assistance to people who cannot go to an office, have little free time or even if they are abroad.

Who will attend to me?

The person responsible for the calls is psychologist Guilherme de Souza Beraldo - CRP 04/43866. Click hereto view your professional profile.

I'm in a hurry. How long will I be attended to?

We respond to your contact within one business day after we receive your Interest Form. You will receive an email with details about how the services work, available times and the cost of the sessions.

How are the calls performed?

Sessions are held via 'Zoom', using audio and video resources. The app is available for free download in this link.

Do I need to have a computer?

You may use any device on which 'Zoom' can be installed.

What is the difference between face-to-face and online sessions?

Face-to-face consultations tend to facilitate the feeling of security and privacy necessary for the proper functioning of the therapy, favoring the creation of the therapeutic bond. However, as long as you organize yourself to be in a quiet, private environment where you will not be interrupted, the dynamics of online service will be similar to face-to-face.

How does the free trial work?

This first service is for you to get to know the professional, his work style and therapeutic proposals, in addition to answering any other questions. It is free and does not generate any kind of future commitment.

How long does the session last?

Sessions last 50 minutes.

How much does a session cost?

The values of the individual sessions and packages will be sent to your email, after completing the Interest Form.

Do I need to pay for the session before booking?

You will receive an email with the times available for service, and only after agreeing with one of them should you make the payment.

How are calls billed?

Payment can be made by credit / debit cards or bank transfer (PIX).

Can I be assisted by agreement?

We do not attend covenants. Check with your health plan the possibility of reimbursements upon presentation of receipts.

I would like to book multiple sessions at once. It's possible?

Yes. Sessions can be booked one by one or in session packages with progressive discounts.

How many sessions can I have via internet?

There is no limit to the number of sessions held electronically, as established by current Resolution 011/2018of the Federal Council of Psychology.

Do I need to identify myself to be served?

Yes. The Federal Council of Psychology requires psychologists to keep a record of the services provided. You will be asked to provide your name and a personal document number. Your data is confidential and your privacy is guaranteed.

I am under 18 years old. Can I be served?

Yes. We serve adults and adolescents over 14 years old. For the latter, it is necessary to fill out a Service Authorization by the person in charge.

Is there confidentiality about what I talk to the psychologist?

Everything that is discussed between you and the psychologist is confidential.. The confidentiality of the consultations is guaranteed by article 9 of do code of ethicsof the Federal Council of Psychology.

Can I be seen any day and time?

Sessions can be scheduled from Monday to Saturday, according to the professional's availability. 

How long do I need to wait between sessions?

The frequency of sessions will be agreed between you and the psychologist from the first appointment, when the need for longer or shorter intervals between them will be evaluated.

Can I cancel or change the time of a scheduled session?

Yes, up to 24 hours in advance of the reserved time. 

Can I invite someone else to join the session with me?

Sessions are focused on personal issues and difficulties and are therefore held individually. Eventually, it may be interesting for other people from your environment to participate in the service, which will be evaluated by the professional.

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